The Yorkshire Estate Of The Duke And Duchess Of Devonshire

The Bolton Abbey Estate became part of The Duke of Devonshire Estate with the marriage of Lady Charlotte Boyle to William, 4th Duke of Devonshire in 1748.
I have receipts showing that John Moorhouse (1762-1838) and his brother Thomas Moorhouse (1775-1863) were paying a half year "rent" of six pounds and six shillings for the tithes of Elslack to The Duke of Devonshire between the years of 1809 until 1824. 

Tithes originally were an annual payment of a tenth on one's income paid to the church as a tax usually in 'kind'. (wool, milk, honey etc). Later there was a substitution of money payments for payments in 'kind'.

At the dissolution of the monasteries, many of the tithes passed into the hands of laymen who became the new owners of the church land and its accompanying tithes. There were endless disputes between the tithe owners and tithe payers and between clergy and parishioners. Many non-conformists including Catholics objected to supporting the established church

Bolton Abbey has records showing the Moorhouse family paid tithes for Elslack until 1827 together with a Mr Standish.

One of the earlier records show that in 1785 a Mr Moorhouse was paying tithes for Hellifield and Carlton. (Carlton is the village next to Elslack, and the location of Hesliker farm. Hellifield is a village about 6 miles away) I have to investigate what farms Mr Moorhouse may have been renting in those days and whether it is a member of the immediate family.

I would like to thank Mr Roy Linguard, the Archivist and Chief Forester, at Bolton Abbey for his assistance in my research in connection with The Bolton Abbey Estate.









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